Ever heard of electric curtains? They’re becoming increasingly popular with savvy homeowners. From thermostats to lightbulbs, door locks to plug sockets, the automation revolution has reached every corner of our lives and today’s ‘smart home’ technologies are continuing to develop at an impressive pace.
With our expert guidance, design, and installation, you could transform your home too. In fact, by opting for motorised curtains, you stand to gain a number of benefits that make your life just that bit easier. Read on for a rundown of why you should invest in the latest must-have home innovation of our bespoke electric curtains.

1. Convenience
Maybe one of the simplest, yet most compelling, reasons for choosing to update your house with electric curtains is that they do all the work for you. Instead of the familiar faff of wrangling your drapery every morning and night, you can now open or close your curtains with the press of a button. Even better, many designs even allow for remote control. So if you’ve rushed out to work and forgotten to close the curtains before you left, you have control even from afar.

2. Energy Saving
A timely and relevant benefit of investing in electric curtains is the prospect of saving on energy costs. Many models are available with light-detecting technology, which recognises when the hot summer sun is pouring through your window or when the cold winter nights are closing in.
Meanwhile, smart apps and timers give you full control of when to prevent the sun from overheating your house or to allow for maximum sunlight exposure during those chillier months. As a result, you can warm your house without relying solely on expensive central heating.

3. Security and Safety
It’s not something anyone likes to think about, but break-ins happen. What’s more, intruders often scope out a property before burglarising it to determine a household’s routines and work out when the home will be empty.
Many electric curtains come with a timer that enables you to control scheduled opening and closing throughout the day, meaning that it will always appear that someone is home. This is particularly useful if you’re planning to go away on holiday!
Another important safety feature of electric curtains and their counterpart, automated blinds, is that, unlike manual versions, they don’t require ropes or ties. This means that any children or pets in your house are safe from getting entangled. As a result, you can enjoy complete peace of mind.

4. Easy Maintenance
The motorised nature of electric curtains means that the usual wear and tear suspects (hands-on opening and closing) that impact curtain fabric and hardware are greatly reduced. Instead, you benefit from years of clean and crisp fabric that needs far less maintenance than manually operated options.

5. Versatility and Style
If you’re worried that opting for electric curtains might limit your style choices, fear not!. Motorisation doesn’t mean compromising your à la mode preferences.
Here at Cambridge Blinds, we combine style and innovation to bring you the best of both worlds, and both our electric curtains and automated blinds can be designed to fit your space and your tastes.

Stylish electric curtains from Cambridge Blinds
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