As you can imagine, the cost of electric blinds will vary depending on the size, shape, and materials used. Whether automation, hard rocker, or a push switch is required will influence overall price — as will the brand manufacturer.

There’s also the size of the window to consider and whether the product will be installed in a home, conservatory, or extension. Even location can be a key factor.

But we think you’ll be surprised at how affordable electric blinds costs are near you. 

Read on to find out:

  1.     about the different styles available 
  2.     which factors influence cost
  3.     how to customise your blinds
  4.     why bespoke is often better

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Vertical electric blinds costs

Vertical blinds are affordable and can effortlessly transform any room — with or without curtains. They’re also easy to maintain and just as simple to replace.

Comparatively, vertical electric blinds are cheaper than most other styles. This makes them perfect for homeowners on a budget who refuse to compromise on image.

Vertical blinds are usually mains powered, so make sure you can run a cable safely to the nearest available plug socket.

No convenient mains point? Battery-powered options are sometimes possible, and many blinds can be controlled from your smartphone. 

Wooden electric blinds costs

If you love traditional looking designs combined with modern technology, wooden blinds could transform your home. Costs will be higher than with standard blinds but will elevate your home above the ordinary and boost its market appeal too.

As with other types, you can choose how to power your blinds — with costs increasing depending on how sophisticated the technology is.

Roller electric blinds costs 

Roller blinds sit flush against the window, providing a clean design that’ll look at home in any location, be it your living room, conservatory, or extension.

Electric roller blinds costs are relatively low, too. That’s because they’re easy to fit, reducing the need for additional labour which would otherwise have pushed up the price.

Your hard-earned money will have been well spent too, because roller blinds are extremely hard wearing and easy to operate. 

Battery powered, mains driven, remote controlled — the choice is yours entirely.

Bespoke electric blinds costs

Sometimes an ‘off-the-shelf’ product won’t do, in which case you’ll need an experienced blinds installer who can tailor a solution to your requirements.

A bespoke approach will cost more but is worth the extra investment if you need greater control over your creative project.

Your installer will be able to recommend:

  1.     Which shape of blind best suits your needs: rectangular, trapezoid, square and many other options.
  2.     The best direction — such as left to right or down to up — and whether hidden guide wires or simply gravity is better.
  3.     Whether an RAL colour or printed design will produce the best effect.

Whatever your specification, an experienced electric blinds installer will work within your budget to deliver a finished product that’ll create the right first impression.

Get the right advice at the right price…

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