Are you hoping to upgrade your standard curtains or blinds? Savvy and stylish homeowners are increasingly investing in smart home improvements to bring their sanctuary into the digital age, and electric blinds are one of the latest and greatest of these innovations. As well as adding a touch of luxury to a space, electric blinds can transform a room’s ambience and lighting at the touch of a button.

If you’re on the fence about installing these handy blinds, read on to discover whether they’re right for your home. 


What are electric blinds?

Electric blinds are, as the name suggests, blinds which are powered by electricity rather than being opened and closed manually using a chain. Many of the popular styles can be made electric, including vertical blinds, roller blinds, Roman blinds and wooden blinds. Bespoke electric blinds are also available for when off-the-shelf solutions won’t do. These are ideal if you have a complex room or window shape or require a more custom home solution.

Some homeowners may be concerned that opting for electric blinds will limit the style choices available, but you need not worry. Electric blinds are simply a case of motorising blinds that would otherwise be manual, so you can choose any fabric and pattern to suit your interior design tastes. 


How do electric blinds work?

Electric blinds are powered by motors, which can either be battery-powered or connected to mains power. They are usually controlled, either individually or in groups, via a control panel on the wall or by remote control. This means you get to avoid potentially unsightly ropes or chains — in turn, this can keep children and pets safe from getting tangled.

Developments in smart home connectivity have seen the introduction of impressive ‘smart blinds’. 

You can control smart blinds from anywhere, using your smartphone, or automate them so they roll up or down at certain times throughout the day. This carries clear security benefits in addition to everyday convenience since you can control your smart blinds remotely when you’re on holiday to give the appearance that someone is at home and deter potential intruders.

Some smart blind models even feature light-sensing technology. By sensing the light level, they can adjust accordingly to keep your home cool and shady on a bright afternoon or light and airy on a grey winter morning. 


How much do electric blinds cost?

Naturally, a few factors will influence how much electric blinds cost — from the style, size, and materials to any additional tech features such as light sensors. To see how much your electric blinds are likely to cost, see our full guide.


Electric blinds from Cambridge Blinds

At Cambridge Blinds we have the innovation, design, resources and technical know-how to design and install your dream bespoke electric blinds. No matter what size or shape you need, we can create custom designs that fit your home beautifully. Because we tailor our products to your home, we can provide blinds that are as little as 600mm wide or up to 15m long. 

No project is too big or too small, and we love to hear your custom design ideas and make them happen – the more ambitious, the better! Get in touch with us today to tell us all about your ideas, and let’s start working together to bring your vision to life.