When the weather begins to show signs of warming up, it’s easy for a lot of us to get excited about opening up our homes to let in some fresh air and natural light. Unfortunately, opening our doors and windows to summer often leaves our homes susceptible to summer’s uninvited guests: insects. This is where a fly screen can act as a real summer saviour. Here are the benefits:

They Banish the Critters

As the name suggests, fly screens are designed to keep your home safe from pesky flys, spiders and any other insects that usually end up invading your home at this time of year. They provide great protection from a whole host of creepy crawlies, like midges and bees, without sacrificing on natural light and fresh air.

They Don’t Sacrifice on Style

As specialists offering made to measure blindspatio awnings, hand made curtains and a multitude of other fixtures, we wanted to extend variety and affordability to our collection of electric fly screens. We offer a wide variety of fully motorised fly screen solutions that are fabricated in a variety of colours to suit any space and style.

They’re Functional

There are many reasons why people choose to install a fly screen beyond providing protection from insects. A lot of people enjoy the privacy they get from having a fly screen installed over a patio door or lean to window. While others find a fly screen useful for preventing pets from escaping.

They Maintain your Views

While some fly screens can obstruct the natural views outside your home, we offer a range of stylish screens that are fully functional and easy to use while still maintaining your views.

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