In the world of home improvements, there is a lot of focus on the interior of a property. However, the exterior design is equally as important and turning your attention to your outdoor areas can be more impactful than you may initially realise. 

Few design elements offer a blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal quite like external blinds. These innovative window treatments have emerged as a game-changer in residential properties and can be installed on a range of windows, as well as bi-folding doors, sliding patio doors and French doors. But what exactly are external blinds and why are they becoming more popular among homeowners? Below we have delved into these blinds in more detail. 

What are External Blinds?

External blinds are window coverings installed on the exterior of a property rather than the interior. They are typically used to control light, provide privacy and enhance energy efficiency. Not to mention, they can help to keep insects out of your home when your windows are open.  

Unlike traditional interior blinds, external blinds are designed to withstand outdoor elements, making them robust and durable. They come in various styles, including external roller blinds and pleated systems, each offering unique benefits to cater to different needs and preferences. With both manual and motorised designs available too, you can ensure the blinds perfectly fit your windows and are straightforward to operate. 

Why are External Blinds Popular?

There are several reasons why external blinds are a popular alternative to traditional window coverings and they offer several benefits to homeowners; 

  • Enhanced Energy Efficiency 

One of the most significant benefits of external blinds is their ability to improve your home’s energy efficiency. By blocking sunlight before it penetrates the window glass, these blinds help prevent heat gain and maintain a cooler indoor environment during the summer, reducing the reliance on air conditioning. In cooler months, they can also provide an additional layer of insulation, keeping the warmth inside. This functionality makes them an ideal choice for homeowners looking to reduce their energy costs and carbon footprint.

  • Increased Privacy and Security

External window blinds offer a privacy solution that doesn’t compromise on style or functionality. They act as a physical barrier, preventing outsiders from peering into your home. Additionally, their robust construction can enhance home security, becoming a deterrent to potential intruders. This combination of privacy and security makes external blinds an attractive option for homeowners searching for peace of mind.

  • UV Protection and Glare Reduction

Continuous exposure to sunlight can cause your carpets, furniture and decor items to fade over time. External window blinds help to filter out harmful UV radiation, effectively protecting your interiors from sun damage. They also reduce glare, making it more comfortable to watch TV or work on a computer, regardless of the time of day. Some remote control operated systems can even be pre-programmed to ensure they meet your specific needs. 

  • Aesthetic Appeal

External blinds are not just functional, they also add a touch of elegance and sophistication to the exterior of your home. Available in a variety of designs, colours and materials, they can be customised to complement your home’s architectural style. Whether they’re installed on large glass windows or bi-fold doors, they can significantly enhance the appeal of your property, potentially increasing its market value.

  • Easy Maintenance and Durability

Designed to withstand a range of weather conditions, external blinds are generally low maintenance and will continue to look good for many years to come. They have a longer lifespan when compared to traditional indoor blinds and are resistant to fading, warping and damage from the rain or sun. This durability makes them a cost-effective investment and a long-lasting attractive feature for your home.

Installing External Window Blinds 

External window blinds offer a perfect blend of functionality, efficiency and style. They are an excellent investment for homeowners looking to enhance their living space, offering improved comfort and privacy. Whether you’re renovating your home or just looking to upgrade your window treatments, consider the many benefits of external blinds. 

If you’d like to find out more about external blinds, get in touch with our team at Cambridge Blinds. We are an independent company supplying a vast range of manually and electrically operated blinds that can be tailored to your unique needs. Our experienced team has an unbeatable depth of specialist knowledge and can help you make the right decisions for your home. We are perfectly placed to help you transform your home with high-quality, well-designed external window blinds. We look forward to hearing from you.