Not a blinds expert? Feeling a little bewildered by all your options? Here’s some information on the most popular types of blinds, and how to tell which might be the right choice for you.

Roller blinds

One piece of fabric coiled at the top of your window frame, usually operated by a pull cord at the side to roll them up or down. If you’re looking for more of a modern, simplistic look, then this is the ticket. Super easy to use and low maintenance, these are a safe bet for your kitchen or bathroom.

Vertical blinds

A cost effective solution, but given that most of us are used to seeing them in workplaces they may not be as ‘homely’ as you might like. Vertical blinds can also be a little more tricky to keep clean, especially if they reach the floor, as they require regular hoovering or dusting. Probably best suited for an office space at home.

Blackout blinds

Ideal for the bedroom, blackout blinds are made to block out as much light as possible to ensure the most restful night’s sleep. They must be the perfect size – even a sliver of light around the corner of the blind renders them completely ineffective, so opting for bespoke ones might be a wise decision.

Electric blinds

Electric blinds add a touch of real luxury to your space and transform the ambience and lighting of your room with just the click of a button.

Bespoke blinds

At Cambridge Blinds, we’ve completed a variety of tailored installations, so if you think your ideas or requirements are too ‘out there’ we can assure you that we have worked on a fitting just as ambitious in our 20 years of experience!

Interested in finding out how we can design and install the best blinds for your space? Get in touch today – we look forward to working with you!