Hot, sunny weather is becoming more frequent in the UK which means window shading is essential for many homeowners: even in winter! Retractable garden awnings can be an ideal custom window shades solution, as they are simple and easy to use and can be fully retracted at times when there’s less sunlight.

Retractable awnings are durable and high quality and will last years just so long as they are maintained and cleaned on a regular basis. Tips for caring for your retractable awning from the experts at Niche Solutions include:

1. Be careful in harsh weather

When awnings are retracted they are self-storing and don’t really need any care and attention. It should be noted though that awnings are not supposed to be used as protection against rain, wind or other harsh weather conditions, and pools of water collecting on the top could stretch their fabric. Strong winds could damage the arms of the awning, while retracting a wet awning can cause damage to the motor.

2. Monthly cleaning tips

Give your awning a basic clean on a monthly basis. Simply brush off any loose debris on the top and bottom of the awning with a broom and then hose it down. Allow the awning to air dry prior to full retraction.

3. Annual cleaning tips

Every year or so give the awning a deep clean. Make up a solution of tepid water and detergent-free soap, use a soft bristled brush to work the cleaner into the top and underside of the awning fabric. Rinse off all soap residue then hose the awning down as normal. Hose down and wipe the frame of your awning at least once a year to keep it pristine condition, but avoid spraying water near the motor.

4. Lubrication

Use lubricant on all moving parts of the awning to ensure a quiet and smooth operation.

5. Keep bushes trimmed back

Some bushes, trees and vines can damage awnings due to their acid content. Play it safe and keep all garden plants trimmed back from the awning.

Niche Solutions supply a wide variety of top quality retractable awnings, conservatory blinds and custom window shades. Get in touch to find out more.