Whether you’re renovating your home or just curious to learn more, understanding the difference between shutters and blinds can change the way you look at your place! In today’s blog, we’ll be sharing what we know.

What Are Shutters?

Shutters are window coverings that usually come in wood. These wooden slats are mounted on a frame and line your window. You can expect to find one lever in the middle. You then use that stick to either open them or shut them facing up or down.

Shutters are known for their durability and chic look. They are also an extremely low maintenance option when it comes to cleaning. All you need to do is give the slats a wipe down every once in a while. You can find bespoke shutters or more options on our website.

What Are Blinds?

The term blinds is a broad option for window coverings.

Blinds are available in a plethora of options. Zip blindsduette blinds, gable end blinds and cassette blinds are just a few. Each one comes with its very own list of benefits.

We also have automated blinds and electric blinds for those who like a few extra minutes in bed or are less mobile. Our electric blinds can be manufactured from as little as 600mm wide and up to 15m long.

A very popular option is our blackout blinds. These work hard to block out any light coming in from the outside world – allowing you to catch some zzz’s anytime you choose.

How To Get Blinds or Shutters Installed?

Are you looking for bespoke blinds, bottom-up blinds, conservatory blinds or something completely different? Well, you are in luck! Our team love to take on any project – big or small.

Contact us or browse our website for more information.