Blinds are a neat and stylish finishing touch for your home. But what if they could also control light and heat, be used for room dividers and insect screens, or in the home cinema and the office? That’s the promise of zip blinds.

What are zip blinds?

Zip screens are an ideal choice for residential and commercial spaces due to their combination of features. For example, you can install zip blinds on balconies or terraces to transform the indoors to outdoors at the switch of a button. And they’re prized for their sleek modern appearance and ease of use.

Zip roller blinds are a great way to transform your environment. With a discreet super-flat profile and seamless appearance, they’re an effective way to screen your home or extend your living space.

Are zip blinds right for your home?

Zip blinds are incredibly versatile. Available in an ever-expanding range of fabrics and styles, you can use them in the home office, on a balcony or verandah, or to ensure complete privacy anywhere.

This style of blind is also great for your conservatory because it can be fitted horizontally and vertically, offering unparalleled shading. If you’re a fan of sleek and streamlined contemporary living, zip blinds are a fantastic addition to your home.

What are the benefits of zip blinds?

So what features give zip screen blinds the edge over other types of window blinds?

Ultimate weatherproofing

Zip blinds are light, strong and durable and offer the ultimate in weatherproofing for your home. Thanks to the tight zip inside guides that keep the cloth flat and prevents blowout, our range of zip screens are wind resistant to Beaufort 6 (up to 31mph) or wind class 3. In addition, they can help to prevent sunlight from damaging your interiors and offer unparalleled UV protection.

By forming a sealed layer of air between your windows and blinds, zip screens work like double glazing. The extra layer of insulation retains cool or warm air, depending on the season. Nothing protects your home from sunlight, dust, wind and pollution like a high-quality zip blind.

Fully customisable

You can fit a bespoke zip system to any commercial or residential property with ease. You won’t have to compromise on the perfect design or colour. And the snug edge-to-edge fit ensures complete privacy and protection.

By using the original zip system with its smooth centrically-toothed operation, we can develop systems substantially wider than 18m2. You’ll also find that, because your chosen material won’t crease or wrinkle, your zip screen blinds look their best for much longer.

Comfort indoors and outdoors

Do you love the idea of moving between cosy indoors and alfresco living? In that case, zip screens are the perfect way to regulate your environment. In addition, zip blinds are a desirable choice if noise pollution is a problem, providing sound insulation as well as a stylish aesthetic.

Protection beyond climate

Zip blinds protect against more than noise, glare and wild weather. Your screen can also protect against dust, debris and other unwanted household invaders like insects. And that allows you to really maximise your outdoor space.

Minimum maintenance

Our zip screens require minimum maintenance. Once installed, you can enjoy years of untroubled operation from your blinds, thanks to their trouble-free design and range of bespoke solutions.

Trust Cambridge Blinds for your zip blind needs

At Cambridge Blinds we have extensive experience in installing and designing blinds in residential and commercial settings. So you can trust our specialist knowledge to get the right solution for your home or office. To find out more about our high-quality bespoke blinds, get in touch for a perfect, professional installation every time.