With spring just around the corner, you can expect more days of sunshine and warmer weather in the coming months. Having retractable awning installed in your garden or patio can come in handy when the sun gets too hot. To get your awning ready for the warmer seasons, here are some simple maintenance tips to follow.

1. Clean it regularly

Maintain a regular cleaning schedule for your awning, at least once a month. To keep the fabric in good condition, remove any dirt, debris and stains from the surface. Use a garden hose, a soft bristle brush and a cleaning solution to get rid of any loose particles. Rinse the fabric and let it dry before retracting.

2. Keep it dry

To prevent your awning from collecting pools of rainwater, retract it even before any rain. Moisture can cause discoloration or can stretch the fabric. It can also be a breeding ground for insects and mould. However, if you weren’t able to retract your awning and it has collected water, drain it immediately.

3. Move the plants away

If you are planning to plant flowers, trees or vines in your garden, make sure to maintain a safe distance between your awning and your vegetation. Large plants or creeping vegetation may restrict the operation of your awning and some plants give off chemicals, which can harm the fabric.

4. Operate it properly

When operating your retractable awning, carefully turn the gear using the crank handle. Make sure the fabric rolls and unrolls smoothly from the top of the tube.

5. Check frames, bolts and screws

Inspect the awning frame regularly to check for any corrosion. If you notice any rust build-up, scrape it off gently to prevent it from eating away at the metal and causing significant damage to the awning. Check the gears and tighten the bolts and screws that may have loosened over time.

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