Does the shape of your blinds really matter? Most of the time, no. It doesn’t. That’s because windows are typically square, which makes choosing a shaped blind a walk in the park.

But what happens if your home has a quirky architectural feature – like small or triangular windows? Finding a shaped blind to fit will become that much harder.

Read on to find out how to find the right blinds for your home, extension, or conservatory.

Shaped blinds for small windows

What can you do if your windows are small and awkwardly shaped? This common problem is the bane of homeowners UK-wide but is easy to solve. Rather than leave your blinds uncovered, find a specialist company that can create bespoke blinds for your chosen room.


It’s just as important to choose the right colour so that your blinds blend in with the design scheme of your property. Else your space will feel uncoordinated and unwelcoming.


Fabric can darken a room considerably. That’s okay if the blind is to be fitted in a bedroom where too much morning light would be a problem. But in a conservatory, the purpose of the blind might be to reduce glare, heat or cold.


Choosing the right rails, components, and profiles matters as much as using the correct shape. So, if you want your room to look integrated, invest in the very best hardware too.

Shaped blinds for triangular windows

These are also referred to as gable-shaped windows. Although not common, this style of window is fast becoming a trend – so expect to see it in homes around the UK in the near future.

Specially designed blinds that fit arched windows can be purchased or tailor-made to specification. Most commonly, this form of glazing is used in conservatories – but can be found in main residences too.

Shaped blinds for bay windows

Bay windows are not uncommon. Available in bow or bay form, they let in lots of light and create extra space within the home – optically extending it and creating an eye-catching feature.

Despite their popularity, bay windows are uniquely shaped. This makes it harder for homeowners to find the right shaped blackout or electric blinds. So what solutions are available?

Roman shades

Available in a range of fabrics, Roman shades are soft to the touch, elegant, and can be fitted with blackout material if you want to keep the sun out during mornings or warmer weather.

Cellular shades

Cellular shades are slim in design and overcome problems posed by awkward angles with practised ease. They provide superior insulation too – which means they’ll keep your home warm.

Arched Windows

Unusual in design but also captivating, arched windows let in lots of light – creating a greater sense of space. Despite their unique shape, blinds can be made specifically to fit them. For example, custom roller blinds can be mounted above the arch with the shade covering the entire window or just some of it (if light entry into the desired room isn’t an issue).

Find your perfect blind

Whatever the shape of your windows, we’ll have a solution to fit. We can also help with shutters, fly screens, curtains and awnings. Contact our friendly and knowledgeable team today for advice.