For more than 17 years we are renown for our unique solutions and a broad experience with the ZIP system. By using various unique spring systems, our systems can be mounted horizontally or under every angle for skylights, light streets or other glass façades.


  • Screen system with MSW spring principle for conservatories, skylights and other.
  • For inner – and outer installation
  • Wide variety of fabrics possible
  • Direction, both from top to bottom, from bottom to top as well as horizontally as possible
  • Large sizes available
  • Wind resistant, wind class 3 to 6 Beaufort
  • No visible cords, those are hidden in the guides through an integrated cord system

SZ-MSW 1000                                 Standard edition SZ-MSW for conservatories and skylights
SZ-MSW 1000 Big                          For large surfaces of conservatories and skylights
SZ-MSW Bottom-up                      Screens sliding from beneath to above
SZ-MSW Curved                              Screen system for curved surfaces
SZ-MSW Sideways                         Sideways screen system for sliding windows and angles
SZ-MSW Sideways Curved           Sideways screen system for curved surfaces

By applying the zip there is no opening between the guides and the fabric. Under strong changing weather conditions, the screen is kept in place. These systems can also be delivered with blackout screens.


SZ-N+MSW 1000

SZ-MSW 1000

The SZ-MSW 1000 system is very suitable for conservatories and skylights. By applying the zip there is no opening between the guide and the fabric. Under changing weather conditions the screen is kept in place. We are able to deliver these systems in a width up to 7 metres and a projection of 10 metres. Such large sizes are exceptional in our trade.

SZ-MSW Bottom Up


The BOTTOM -UP screens slide from beneath to above, so called “bottom-up”. Thereby the cassette can be mounted on the floor as well as “hovering” by small feet.

SZ-MSW Curved


Unique solution with curved guides whereby even curved glass façades can be provided with blinds. This curved screen can run from top to bottom but also bottom-up.

SZ-MSW Sideways


An elegant and visually very attractive sideways opening screen. The SIDEWAYS is the perfect solution to provide weather- and heat regulation for sliding windows and angle solutions.

SZ_MSW Sideways Curved


Sideways opening curved screen. Unique solution with curved guides, whereby even curved sliding windows and angle solutions can be provided with blinds. This sideways moving screen can go from right to left but also from left to right.

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