Could blackout blinds or curtains transform your home? Well, they come with plenty of welcome benefits, including better privacy, sound and noise insulation, and product durability. 

Want to learn a little more? Read our short guide to discover why blackout blinds might just be the best investment you make this year.

What are blackout curtains and blinds?

You may notice that many curtains and blinds let a little bit of light in. In many cases, this isn’t a problem. However, if you want to create a really dark space, your best bet is to go for designs made with tightly woven or layered fabric. Curtains and blinds made from more dense material will block out as much light as possible, creating a ‘blackout’ effect.

What are their benefits?

So, why might you benefit from installing blackout blinds?

1. Keep the light at bay

In the summer, early sunrise can cause light to stream in your window. That’s all well and good if you’re an early bird but if you fancy a few more hours of sleep, you might want to block it out. 

Install blackout curtains or blinds and you’ll enjoy uninterrupted (not to mention well-deserved) sleep until your alarm goes off.

2. Improved noise reduction

Blackout blinds are meant to keep out the light. But did you know that the materials reduce noise penetration too? This means you’re less likely to be kept awake by your neighbour’s late-night party (or woken by them mowing the lawn at an unearthly hour on a Sunday).

3. Relax in absolute privacy

Whether you like to curl up in bed with a good book in the evening or watch early morning television with your family, blackout blinds or curtains will give you the privacy you need and deserve.

And if you go for custom-made designs, you can get the perfect fit. Bespoke blinds can be precisely configured — no matter what the shape of your windows. Neighbours or pedestrians won’t even be able to see your shadow when looking in your direction.

4. Reduce your energy bills 

Another surprising benefit of blackout blinds is the material’s ability to retain heat. With energy bills rising daily, this feature is very appealing and can shave some much-needed pounds off your energy bills.

During colder weather, you’ll be able to stay warm without reaching for the thermostat. The reverse is also true, meaning you can keep heat out during the summer without relying on air conditioning.

5. A long-term investment

Blackout blinds are highly durable too. This means you can buy with peace of mind, knowing that your installation will continue to keep your home quiet, warm, and private for many years to come.

In exchange for a one-off payment you’ll be able to reduce gas and electricity costs – meaning that, over time, your installation could even pay for itself.

6. You can work more effectively 

Working from home is now the norm. But distractions — including light shining on laptop screens and day-to-day outdoor noises — can adversely affect productivity. 

Creating a distraction-free workspace using blackout curtains or blinds couldn’t be easier and requires minimal investment. Why not optimise your working conditions today?

7. Create your very own cinema

These days you can stream the latest blockbusters straight to your smart television. Install blackout blinds and instantly convert your lounge, bedroom, or extension into a private cinema that you can use 24/7 (and without anyone kicking your seats or spoiling the movie by talking on their mobile phone).

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