Today, most home and business owners would surely agree that window coverings play a vital role in enhancing the privacy and elegance of any space. Investments in properties, as well as the interiors, are key in reaping long-term benefits in our homes and businesses and automated blinds are one such modern window covering solutions that can really bring out the best in a space. Here at Cambridge Blinds we have compiled 7 reasons why you should invest in automated blinds for your home or business:

1. It is always advisable to minimize energy use wherever possible, both for environmental reasons and because of costs. Automated blinds and electric curtains are an excellent way of containing heat and reducing energy costs.

2. Our automated blinds are designed to reduce heat from the sunlight, but also to block UV rays from entering your home. This helps protect your furniture from fading, as well as protect your health.

3. Incredible convenience – it can be tiring it would be to manually pull up all the shades of your house every day. It’s a task that can be tedious after coming home from a tiring day at work, especially if we have hard-to-reach windows. Our automated blinds solve this problem at just the click of a button.

4. You won’t have to worry about the toddlers or the pets getting hurt by entangling themselves into the cords of manual shades, as our automated blinds and electric curtains are cordless.

5. Automated blinds will enhance the décor of your interiors – be it a corporate setting or a house. The hanging cords that are visible on the sides of manual shades can detract from the look of rick fabrics. They often get entangled, and can be a hassle to fix – and if handled roughly, there are chances they might break altogether.

At Cambridge Blinds we have over 20 years experience creating bespoke blinds and handmade curtains and can design and install automated blinds to suit any space. Simply contact us if you would like to make an enquiry.